CedarStone Bank

  • Andrew Jackson Exhibit 1

    Michelle Sloan with "Old Hickory"...

  • Adrew Jackson Exhibit 2

    Reception sponsors Bob and Susan McDonald with Howard Kittell, President & CEO of The Hermitage...

  • Andrew Jackson Exhibit 3

    Mike and Katie Moscardelli, Paine and Maria Bone...

  • Andrew Jackson Exhibit 4

    CedarStone's own Willie McDonald with Hal and Beth Parrott

  • Andrew Jackson Exhibit 5

    Mr. & Mrs. Ken Caldwell with Mr. & Mrs. Rick Bell

  • Andrew Jackson Exhibit 6

    Hermitage President & CEO Howard Kittell addresses the crowd...

  • Andrew Jackson Exhibit 7

    Susan McDonald, "Andrew and Rachel" Jackson, and Bob McDonald

  • The Dictionary Project 1

    CedarStone Bank pairs up with Rotary Clubs to support The Dictionary Project.

  • The Dictionary Project 2

    Mark Hinesley, Mt. Julie Chamber president, and CedarStone's John Sloan, work on distribution.

  • The Dictionary Project 3

    John Sloan speaks to the class...

  • The Dictionary Project 4

    Carolyn Christofferson working with third-graders...

  • CedarStone Bank - Wilson County Fair


  • CedarStone Bank - Wilson County Fair 2

    Streaming in through the Green Gate...

  • CedarStone Bank - Wilson County Fair 3

    Susan and Bob McDonald working the Senior Citizens Picnic...

  • CedarStone Bank - Wilson County Fair 4

    Clogging and entertaining the crowd...

  • CedarStone Bank - Wilson County Fair 5

    One of the best parts of the Fair...food!

  • CedarStone Bank - Wilson County Fair 8

    Making beautiful music...

  • CedarStone Bank - Wilson County Fair 11

    Bob and Susan McDonald show off their moves...

Out and About

Being a part of the community is simply one of the things we enjoy most at CedarStone. We hope to see you soon; in the meantime, enjoy these images from community events.

New Exhibit at The Hermitage

On January 15, CedarStone Bank President Bob McDonald and wife Susan hosted a reception at The Hermitage to celebrate its exciting new exhibit, "Andrew Jackson: Born for a Storm." The exhibit is part of the Bicentennial celebration of the Battle of New Orleans. This state-of-the-art, $1.1 million exhibit brings the rich story of Andrew Jackson’s meteoric rise, from his humble beginnings to his presidency, through bold visuals and a series of interactive displays. Read more about it here.

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