Recent Change to Online & Mobile Banking Login

Effective April 23, 2014, the image and passphrase will no longer be displayed on the password page. Your account will continue to be protected through authentication of your computer and other devices.


Does CedarStone Bank have telephone banking?

Yes. Telephone Banker customer service assistance is available 24/7 at 1-888-730-7483.

How do I report a lost or stolen credit card?

To report a lost or stolen CedarStone Bank credit card call 1-800-367-7576

How do I report a lost or stolen debit/ATM card?

During regular business hours, please call the CedarStone Bank branch most convenient to you; Bank branch phone numbers. After hours, to report a lost or stolen CedarStone Bank debit/ATM card, call 1-844-202-5333.

Does your website use cookies?

Yes. A cookie is a file sent from a website to your computer's hard drive that is logged on to the site. This file allows the site to recognize whether the computer has been there before and what security requirements and browser preference the computer requires. Only the site that sent the cookie can read the cookie, and only information that has been given directly by the logged on user to the site is accessible. Computer viruses cannot be transmitted through cookies.

Do I have to accept cookies?

You can choose not to accept cookies. You may do this by making the appropriate selection from your browser options. Please understand, however, that certain services require cookies for effective delivery. Whenever this is the case, you will be informed that you will need to allow cookies if you wish to receive the service. Cookies also make your visit to a site simpler by keeping you from having to re-enter your password every time you change pages within a secure session.

If you have other questions, please be sure to contact us.