Mission Statement

The primary mission of CedarStone Bank is to simply be the best bank in the markets we serve. We will always seek to fulfill that mission by consistently focusing on our:

  • Customers – Delivering excellent services and products
  • Employees – Providing rewarding and enjoyable careers
  • Shareholders – Generating above average returns on investment
  • Communities – Helping to make them even better


In early 2003, a diverse group of business and community leaders in Wilson County began to visualize a new bank in Lebanon and Mt. Juliet – a bank that would be known for returning to the simple basics of banking:

    – friendly, experienced bankers
    – conveniently delivering superior services and products
    – to individuals and businesses in the communities they serve.

Another aim of the organizing group of men and women was to provide a realistic opportunity for all interested people in the community to own stock in the bank. Thus, a minimum initial investment of $1,000.00 was chosen, allowing individuals with different financial resources the opportunity to own stock in the proposed bank.

Almost a year later, the original goals of the founders had been realized in CedarStone Bank. A team of experienced, professional, and yes, friendly bankers were in place to serve their customers – customers that in all likelihood might have been initial shareholders as well. Over 800 people representing a true cross section of our community chose to subscribe to the stock offering.

April 19, 2004 was a historic day for CedarStone Bank as we officially opened both our Lebanon and Mt. Juliet Offices. However, in many ways, our history lies before us as we seek to be the type of bank our founders originally envisioned. We would consider it an honor to earn your business and confidence in the months and years ahead.

Investor Information

After a very successful subscription period, we are pleased to announce that there are now over 800 initial shareholders of CedarStone Bank. We sincerely thank each shareholder for choosing to invest in CedarStone Bank as they will be the foundation upon which CedarStone is built.

If you have an interest in purchasing shares of CedarStone Bank stock, please call us at (615) 443-1411.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before any investment decision is considered with respect to the securities of the bank and any subscriptions are accepted, reference should be made to the bank's Offering Circular, copies of which are available from the proposed directors. This advertisement is not to be considered an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy any securities.

Financial Filings

To access beneficial ownership forms as required under The Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, please click on the link below to be connected to the FDIC Beneficial Ownership Filings Web Site Page.


Employment Opportunities

At CedarStone Bank, we are always looking for professional individuals who embrace our vision and mission of simply being the best bank in the markets we serve. Please contact us for more information regarding employment opportunities by sending your resume to Tina Winfree.