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ABC graduation CedarStone Bank

ABC Program concludes


ABC graduation CedarStone Bank A program designed to train and mentor CedarStone Bank employees in becoming “aspiring bankers” was unveiled in July of 2012 and a graduation ceremony was held recently honoring those employees that participated in the year long program.

The Aspiring Bankers of CedarStone (ABC) program was designed to educate, enlighten and develop employees to be well-rounded banking professionals.

Fourteen CedarStone Bank employees volunteered for the class which was being coordinated and planned each month by CSB branch leaders.

 “Banking 101 was the first topic for the class with “Event Planning and Community Involvement” following in our next session,” commented Beth Schulze, Mt. Juliet Branch Manager and coordinator of the class, “we just finished the class and held graduation ceremonies at our main office on June 18th.”

CedarStone Bank officers, shareholders and customers helped in contributing to the topics for the monthly meetings.

 “This program had the feel of the leadership groups that meet regularly in our communities. We wanted to offer a class a curriculum that would enlighten our employees on all aspects of banking, from the roots of starting a community bank to marketing, operations and even dressing for success,” added Bob McDonald, CSB president and CEO.

The CedarStone Bank employees that participated in the ABC Class of 2012-13 included: Kristi Andersen, Andrea Bishop, Marilyn Blythe, Amanda Hoover, Tammy Martin, Brenda McMahan, Kathy Miller, Jennifer Perry, Emily Waffird, Angie Watson, Kati Wilkinson and Addison Rogers.